FrazPC award for mediaTHOR HD


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FrazPC award for mediaTHOR HD

8level mediaThor HD - interesting multimedia player!




Our multimedia player 8level mediaTHOR HD has been tested by FrazPC! What are the results? Is it really that special



"…this device is really worth its attention, it handles with huge number of video and audio formats and codec’s, has various ports and additionally has network capabilities with Bit Torrent client support. The possibilities are really big. Our attention caught also the fact that the producer is actively developing new firmware for its flagship product, releasing new software regularly on its polish website…"




Main advantages of mediaTHOR HD pointed by FrazPC are:


+ large number of supported media files formats and codec’s

+ fast and smooth playback

+ support for popular web portals

+ connectivity: 2 USB ports, card reader, Ethernet port

+ attractive price




FrazPC has awarded mediaTHOR HD with:






Click here to read whole article at FrazPC website

(Polish only - if you want read it please use Google translator, publication date: 22th of June 2011)